Delta FacilitiesInfrastructure for Research on Hydraulics and Soil & Groundwater and Interactive Data Research & Open Source Software Laboratory


Dirk-Jan Walstra
Boussinesqweg 1, 2629 HV Delft

Deltares has a broad range of research infrastructure to enhance the knowledge and application in water and (sub)soil as to facilitate the transitions to sustainable energy, circular economy and climate adaptation.
The Deltares research infrastructure consists of 2D- and 3D hydraulic and geotechnical experimental facilities (small-scale and large-scale); geotechnical, geophysical and biogeochemical laboratories; in-situ field measurements and pilot sites (fieldlabs); and interactive data research and open source software laboratory. This research infrastructure brings together models, data, artificial intelligence, visualisation techniques (such as serious gaming) and expert knowledge for application in a range of deltaic issues, relating to future delta behaviour, safety and sustainability of delta's, and resilience of delta infrastructure.

The Deltares research infrastructure includes:

Data facilities (software, AI, gaming)

  • iD-Lab - interactive date research laboratory
  • Software - simulation packages, tools, serious games and Apps
  • Deltares Academy - training courses, masterclasses, webinars
  • Global forecast - global river flow forecast service
  • Hydro facilities (hydraulic research)

  • Delta flume full scale 2D wave impact on dikes, dunes, structures
  • Scheldt flume scale studies on 2D waves & currents
  • Atlantic basin waves & currents for offshore and river projects
  • Pacific basin 3D waves for breakwaters and scour, with TU-Delft
  • Delta basin large 3D waves impacts on structures and vessels
  • IOS basin flows in pumping stations and intakes/outfalls
  • Lock facility forces on vessels due to (density) currents in locks
  • Alphaloop multiphase flows in pipeline systems
  • Instruments hydrodynamic measuring techniques and instruments
  • Geo facilities (geotechnical research)

  • GeoCentrifuge - geotechnical processes under gravitational forces
  • Geo Model lab - scale studies of soil and soil-structure interaction
  • Geotechnical lab - lab experiments to determine soil parameters
  • Geo Field lab - field monitoring of soil-structure interaction
  • Geophysical lab - field monitoring on land and at sea
  • Geo/hydro facilities (interaction water and soil)

  • Water-Soil flume - full scale dredging
  • Biogeochemical lab - microbiological & geochemical processes
  • Physical lab - (geo)physical and biological characteristics
  • An extensive overview of the Deltares research infrastructure is provided on the website of the institute.

    Aansluiting bij strategische ontwikkelingen
    The blue route: water as a pathway to innovation and sustainable growth