MITeCMedical Innovation & Technology expert Center


Anne Geijsen, PhD
Geert Grooteplein Zuid 10, 6525 GA Nijmegen

The Medical Innovation and Technology expert Center (MITeC) consists of a number of specially equipped operating rooms that are connected to each other. The operating rooms contain innovative on the spot diagnostic and intervention techniques, such as MRI and conebeam CT, which are of interest to surgical and diagnostic disciplines. In addition, the facilities are frequently used for clinical research, often in collaboration with other partners, such as various companies, health insurers and various medical specialist departments, including interventional radiology, urology, neurosurgery, ENT and surgery.

Embedded within the Radboudumc central OR suite, the three MITeC operating rooms have a truly unique layout and equipment. In the center of these three interconnected operating rooms (OR’s), the MRI OR homes a large bore 3T MRI (Siemens Skyra). This MRI OR has direct patient transfer options with both an X-ray hybrid OR (Siemens Artis Zeego) and a standard OR that was designed to allow for larger mobile equipment.
All three OR’s are fully equipped with:
- Both DICOM and non-DICOM Image handling technologies (manipulation such as image fusion, segmentation and 3D reconstruction, store/retrieve, Video-conference)
- Standard and advanced surgical interventional techniques such as surgical navigation and NIR imaging
- A range of energy delivery techniques (Laser, Cryo, HIFU, RF)

In all three OR’s, all standard and advanced anesthesia techniques can be applied. All equipment is connected to its clinical data systems; integration with EPR and other relevant IT systems is standard.

This layout and range of techniques perfectly facilitates image guided procures using MRI, 3D X-ray and/or video techniques in any desired combination. This allows surgeons and interventional radiologists to optimally control the accuracy of the interventional procedure and pursue innovative, quick and safe new techniques to offer maximum control and thus maximum quality of treatment to the patient.

The infrastructure of MITeC is continuously being updated to incorporate the newest developments in the field. In the near future MITeC aims to update the current Zeego with the Pheno system, a unique angiography system for individualized preprocedural planning, intraoperative guidance, and immediate assessment – regardless of patient condition or procedure complexity.

MITeC is open to research projects with researchers from any institution or company. We can offer advice, set up and carry out research, give training or open up our operating rooms to researchers. We can oversee research from idea to assessment and even long-term surveillance. But it is also possible to join forces in just one or a couple of these stages. We are also open to any suggestions for research collaborations.

In short, the stages of research that can be performed at MITeC:
Preclinical (IDEAL stage 0)
Proof of concept/First in human (IDEAL stage 1)
Development (IDEAL stage 2)
Exploration (IDEAL stage 2)
Assessment (IDEAL stage 3)
Long-term (IDEAL stage 4)

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