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Library of the Netherlands, University Libraries of Amsterdam (UvA), Leiden, Utrecht and Groningen, as well as the Meertens Institute and 100 different institutions who have provided content.

Delpher is the national infrastructure for full-text access to Dutch publications (books, newspapers, periodicals). gives access to 15M newspaper pages (1618-1995), 1.5M ANP-radio bulletins (1937–1984), 7.3M magazine pages (1800–2000) and more than 0,9M books (1486–2013), with a total of more than 100M pages of text that will be growing in coming years. Over hundred libraries, academic institutions and heritage institutions have provided their collections for inclusion in this facility, that is hosted at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. Delpher provides an unprecedented free digital resource to researchers. It provides a large-scale corpus for digital humanities, provides primary source material for individual historians and a diachronical corpus for linguistic research.

Delpher has been built up over the last decade and brings together digitized material from different sources: the large-scale digitization of newspapers funded by NWO (Databank Digitale Dagbladen), material digitized through the national preservation programme Metamorfoze, public-private partnerships for digitasation of books with Google and Proquest and other digitization projects.

The results of these projects have been brought together in the end-user service in 2013, with millions of new pages added each year. In 2015 the integration of the Digitale Bibliotheek der Nederlandse Letteren (DBNL) within Delpher was established. Since 2017 several regional newspaper archives are also accessible via Delpher, which uses API to connect the regional newspaper datasets, such as Krantenbank Zeeland, Eemland archive, Noord-Hollands archive and Alkmaar archive. It is foreseen to link another five to six regional archives in the next year.

Delpher’s next ambition is to link external digitised periodicals to Delpher. A pilot project has started to connect statistical periodicals of the CBS to Delpher. If successful, more periodicals from other institutions will follow.
Since CLARIAHPlus is established as large-scale research infrastructure Delpher has been used in several projects that develop smart, user-friendly techniques to structure collections of data and make them accessible.

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