Register facilities

NWO is updating the landscape inventory of 2016 of Large-scale Scientific Infrastructures. The committee invites boards of public research institutions to register their facilities. The form on this page can only be submitted by boards and heads of research institutions that have already been approached by the committee. The form must be completed in English.

  • Questionnaire landscape

    This form has the intention to inventory Large-scale scientific infrastructures available for research.

    The information collected through this questionnaire will be used to update the inventory of the landscape 2016 of Large-Scale Research infrastructures for Dutch researchers.
    The inventory only relates to infrastructures that meet the proposed definition.

    The questionnaire is aimed at gathering (updated) information on:
    1) Existing LSRI already included in the Landscape 2016 or the National Roadmap for LSRI 2016
    2) Existing LSRI that were not included on the Landscape 2016;
    3) New initiatives aimed at the development of LSRI.

    Registration form