RGTCRadboudumc Genomics Technology Center

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Marcel Nelen
Geert Grooteplein Zuid, 6500 HB Nijmegen
+31 24-3613799

The RGTC is embedded in the Radboudumc within the Genetics department, hence its focus on clinical research and sequencing applications. The RGTC can be divided into four subunits being DNA isolation, DNA biobanking, High Throughput Sequencing using targeted enrichment (PCR, hybridization or smMIP based enrichment using both Sanger or NGS based sequencing) and High Throughput Sequencing using genome-wide strategies (exome (WES), genome (WGS)) The RGTC operates in a quality accredited environment (NEN-ISO-EN 15189-2012 standard). The RGTC aims to provide high quality data with fast turnaround times, to be in the forefront of sequencing technology developments, to develop innovative workflows

We have invested since 2005 in robotics to support dna-isolations, bio-banking and dna-sequencing (both Sanger and next generation sequencing). We have 15 hamilton robots available to support our workflows. An automated high capacity storage unit is available for DNA biobanking of up to 2,000,000 samples. We have 3 ABI 3730XL machines available supporting Sanger Sequencing strategies and fragment length analysis. Next generation sequencing for both targeted and genomewide sequencing strategies is supported by three Ion torrent PGMs (Thermofisher) and three NextSeq500 (Illumina). We have introduced cost effective NGS applications i.e. novel amplicon pooling strategies for single gene analysis and the use of single molecule molecular inversion probes.

Fte in RGTC

There are 24 people (app. 20 fte) working in the RGTC. Laboratory technicians are working in daily routine using the highly automated workflows and in maintenance, robotics, automation, and workflow development. Currently 5 fte bio-informaticians are working in the RGTC to support the current analysis pipelines and developments (in close collaboration with bioinformaticians supporting genetic research).

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