PTIProcess and Energy Technology Laboratory, TU Delft

Contact details:

Bendiks Jan Boersma
+31 15-2787979

In the past years the Delft University of Technology has moved its scattered large scale infrastructure in the field of process technology, fluid flow, combustion, bio process technology and energy technology to a new location. This new location, the Process & Energy Technology laboratory, offers unique infrastructure for large scale experiments in the field of process and energy technology. A wide range of utilities (including a range of process gasses & steam) is available for experiments. All necessary safety procedures and technical support is in place.

The laboratory infrastructure is particularly suited for the following type of large scale experiments that can be performed:
• Experiments under high pressure/high temperature, such as for instance supercritical water gasification of biomass and/or waste, high temperature gasification, syngas production and methanisation reactions.
• Supersonic and transonic flow experiments: A very large high pressure air buffer is available, combined with advanced optical diagnostic equipment for local flow quantification.
• Combustion experiments: a large furnace is available equipped with standard on-line analysers (CO, NO, CO2,O2) and FTIR with heated gas cell can also be used for gas quantification. Non-intrusive velocimetry is also available for this furnace: PIV (particle image velocimetry) for local flow characterization in specific burner areas.
• Fuel cell experiments : Single fuel cells and complete fuel cells stacks of around 1 kW power level can be tested with a variety of fuel flows which can be set to desired concentrations. I-V curves for various conditions can be obtained and longevity tests can also be performed to observe stack degradation behaviour.

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