NIVEL-PCDNIVEL Zorgregistraties eerstelijn/ NIVEL Primary Care Database

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dr. Robert A. Verheij
Otterstraat 118 – 124, 3513 CR Utrecht
+3130 2729 657

NIVEL Primary Care Database uses routinely recorded data from health care providers to monitor health and utilisation of health services in a representative sample of the Dutch population. The aim is to enable research on developments in health and the use of primary care services and to provide key figures on: Developments in public health Developments in health service utilisation Quality of health care Impact of policy measures

NIVEL Primary Care Database (NIVEL Zorgregistraties eerste lijn) uses routinely recorded electronic health record data to monitor health and utilisation of health services in a representative sample of the Dutch population. Data are extracted periodically, and patients can be followed through the health care system longitudinally.
Who participates in NIVEL Primary Care Database?
• 500+ GP practices with 1,6 million patients 10% of population.
• GP out of hours services with 11,5 million population in joint catchment area.
• Primary care psychologists: 46.000 patients/year.
• Physiotherapy: 9.000 patients/year.
• Dieticians: 5.300 patients/year.
• Pharmacies: 20 million prescriptions/year (through Stichting Farmaceutische Kengetallen)
What data is collected?
• Routine health data on:
• Health problems (ICPC-codes)
• Consultations
• Prescriptions
• Referrals
• Diagnostic test results
• Claims
• Year of birth, 4-digit postcode, gender
• Coded data only (not free text).
Data linkage is possible within NIVEL Primary care database, creating linked datasets ofL
• 200,000 patients GP+pharmacy
• 800,000 patients GP+out of hours service
• 3,500 patiënten GP+psychologists
Data can be enriched with external, national data sources:
• Population registry (Statistics Netherlands)
• Socio-economic (Statistics Netherlands)
• Claims data (insurance companies)
• Disease registries (eg. cancer registry)
• Genetic databases (eg. Diabetes)
• GIS data (geo linkage)
Additional information can be gathered through:
• Questionnaires for patients
• Body material (eg. nose swabs)
• Questionnaires for health service providers.
Health care providers who participate in NIVEL Primary Care Database receive periodic feedback reports that enable comparison with their peers.

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