KNMI METNET and Seismology networkNetwerk van geofysische meetapparatuur

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Jan Rozema
P.O. Box 201, 3730 AE De Bilt
+31 6 52077300

In the forthcoming period the weather centre will be equipped for the monitoring and advising of new risks that could emerge from the atmosphere or underground: earthquakes, space weather, ash clouds, sulphur dioxide clouds, et cetera. These activities are necessary for the process of becoming a national warning centre. The underlying observation infrastructure serves for the observation of the status of the atmosphere at every moment in three dimensions and for the observation of subterranean movements.

Network with the new Warning and Advice Centre as a nerve centre, including possibilities for citizen science. This concerns all geophysical equipment (synoptic and climatological network, radars, VOS, lightning detection, radio and ozone probes, aircraft observations, WOW-NL crowdsourcing data, connections, calibration facilities, and weather centre (monitoring, analysis, interpretation and advice), seismological network, BES network, membership EUMETNET). This network provides fantastic new possibilities to serve society even better still.

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