iD/OSS-LabInteractive data research and open source software laboratory

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Gerard van der Kolff
Boussinesqweg 1

Deltares is an independent not for profit institute for applied research and specialist consultancy in the field of water, subsurface and infrastructure. Our main focus is on deltas, coastal regions and river basins.
Our Interactive data research and open source software laboratory (iD/OSS-Lab) brings together models, data, visualisation techniques and expert knowledge for application in a range of disciplines. The iD/OSS-Lab is available for collaborative research and training purposes. The iD/OSS-Lab also provides decision-makers and experts with a training platform during emergency situations.

The iD/OSS-Lab consists of several main building blocks:
- The visualization infrastructure
- The physical room
- IT-infrastructure
- The open source software
- The open source communities (

The visualization infrastructure consists of a video wall of 8 HD-displays, 3 separate HD displays a touch table and interactive display.
The physical room is divided into a demonstration room and the main iD/OSS-Lab room.
The IT-infrastructure consists of a separate virtual network (VLAN), with servers for computation, storage and visualization. The iD/OSS-Lab network can be hooked up to the Deltares internal network and the internet for external communication.

The strength of the iD/OSS-Lab lies in its seamless integration with the complete (Open Source) software and modeling suite of Deltares, including schematizations of The Netherlands, for forecasting and historic analyses. Global storm surge and global hydrological models based on Delft FEWS are run at the facility, as well as Big (geoscience) data analysis in the Cloud for hydrological and hydraulic applications, using Landsat, SRTM, OpenStreetMap, MODIS, and Sentinel data. Interactive modeling includes interactive flexible mesh applications, and the use of LEAP motion controller and Oculus Rift virtual reality.

The Open Source software of Deltares (a.o. Delft3D, iMOD, OpenDA and OpenEarth) provides an invitation to leading experts worldwide to join the Deltares community in a variety of applications. The Deltares Open Source software community connects more than 10.000 researchers in over 140 countries, having resulted in more than 4000 publications to date.

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