EBLEUV Beam Line

Contact details:

J.L. Joppe
Stieltjesweg 1, 2628 CK, Delft
+31 88 86 62401

EBL is a laboratory Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV) exposure system capable of operating at high EUV (13 nm) powers and intensities, and capable of handling, exposing and analysing six inch square EUV masks as well as the current one inch round standard samples used for optics life time studies for the semiconductor industry.

The facility contains a powerful EUV Beam Line, in which samples can be exposed to EUV irradiation
in a controlled environment. Attached to the beam line is an XPS system, which can be reached via
an in-vacuum sample transfer system. This enables surface analysis of exposed samples without
breaking vacuum. The research goals of the system include:
•optics life time,
•mask related research,
•research on other EUV elements, like EUV sensors, and
•general scientific EUV research.
The facility is designed to facilitate long experiments (>days) with high intensity.

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