EATRIS ERICEuropean Advanced Translational Research Infrastructure in Medicine

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Anton Ussi
De Boelelaan 1118, 1081HV Amsterdam
+31 614 585 135

EATRIS supports users involved in drug and diagnostics development by matching their needs with the unique services provided by top-level European academic research centres. EATRIS focuses on supporting clients from industry and academia in advancing their medical discoveries into novel products to be tested safely for the first time in humans and advanced to clinical proof of concept. In addition, EATRIS supports translational programmes initiated by governments and charity funders. Comprehensive support, services and access to patient cohorts are provided in the fields of advanced therapy medicinal products, biomarkers, imaging and tracing, small molecules and vaccines.

EATRIS is since November 2013 a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC), focused on the development of vaccines, diagnostics and personalized medicines. EATRIS supports clients by matching their needs with the unique services provided by top-level European academic research centres. In the era of significant debate about high costs for drugs and sustainability of health systems, EATRIS aims to improve the efficiency of the drug development pipeline through utilisation of key enabling technologies and by lowering the barriers to multi-disciplinary and public-private collaboration.
EATRIS operates 5 technology platforms, focused on delivering multi-disciplinary expertise and high end infrastructure such as GMP manufacturing:
Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products – gene therapy, cellular therapies, tissue engineering
Biomarkers – for drug development decision-making, diagnostics and companion diangostics
Imaging & Tracing – advanced and hybrid imaging for imaging-enabled drug development, such as PET and optical imaging for in vivo biomarkers
Small molecules – for advanced drug development technologies
Vaccines – full range of upstream and downstream processing, manufacturing capabilities

Via a ‘one-stop’ access model EATRIS Coordination and Support office in Amsterdam provides access to the entire pipeline of academic translational infrastructure and knowhow. It optimises your route from discovery to proof of concept. In doing so, it defragments the biomedical expertise scattered across Europe, making a new and powerful resource available to large and small companies, charities, research institutions and governments. With over 75 leading academic institutions to choose from, EATRIS can assemble the vital components needed to give the project momentum. At the same time, we bring in vital expertise from areas such as regulatory compliance, product development, and intellectual property management to ensure the reliability of every step. EATRIS also provides rapid access to patient cohorts and our contact with patient groups ensures that their opinions can be introduced into projects from the beginning. Reducing risk EATRIS institutions use cutting-edge translational technologies to speed up the accrual of knowledge about your product. Comprehensive project planning and execution, together with rigorous milestone monitoring, further ensures that resources are maximised and risks are better understood. This effective approach to translational research encourages the confidence of funders.

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