ECN equipment thermochemical biomass conversionECN equipment thermochemical biomass conversion

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Mark Overwijk
Westerduinweg 3, 1755 LE Petten
+31 88 515 4075

Biomass plays an important role in the future supply of materials, chemicals and energy. ECN has a fully equipped lab in Petten on the thermochemical conversion of biomass into energy carriers, fuels, base chemicals and materials. ECN’s focus on thermochemi9cal conversion offers a unique concentration of expertise and R&D equipment for the Netherlands. ECN has state of the art facilities for characterisation of biomass, use of biomass, thermochemical conversion of biomass and synthesis of products from biomass. Examples are unique test facilities on storage and explosivity of biomass, our lab-scale combustion simulator, lab-scale and pilot-scale biomass gasification and torrefaction equipment and autoclaves for fractionation of biomass.

Biomass characterisation
- Composition analysis, including extensive database on biomass properties (
- Combustion behavuour of solid and liquid biomass samples
- Storage and explosivity

Biomass combustion
- All fuel (solid & liquid) analysis, low-cost fuel screening, assessment on fouling, corrosion and emissions, boiler diagnostics, process de-bottlenecking
- Complex simulation and analysis of biomass co-firing behaviour using our bespoke ‘Lab-scale Combustion Simulator’ (LCS). Suited for solid and liquid fuels, combustion and gasification
- Process monitoring and control: on-site measurement systems and equipment for gas analysis, slagging and fouling analysis, agglomeration and steam flux, ash deposition
- Capabilities to measure emissions (particulates, tars, NOx, SOx, and dioxins) and develop abatement strategies
- Bench-scale systems to test combustion, gasification or pyrolysis of all feedstock and to determine risks of corrosion

Biomass Gasification
- Lab-scale equipment for biomass gasification, tar removal, gas cleaning, synthesis of products (SNG, fuels)
- Tar analysis equipment
- Pilot-scale (0.8 MW) biomass gasifier and tar removal units

Biomass upgrading
- Labscale test units for dry and wet torrefaction of biomass
- Pilot-scale biomass torrefaction plant

- Autoclaves for fractionation of biomass into cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin
- Equipment for purification and conversion of lignin
- Equipment for storage, drying and processing of aquatic biomass

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