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One of the pillars of a sustainable energy supply, is a highly energy-efficient industry. Development of innovative technologies for more energy efficient production are key to reaching the energy efficiency goals set by the Netherlands. ECN has a wide variety of labs with equipment for the development, testing and characterisation of materials relevant for energy generation and energy efficiency. ECN has fabrication facilities for catalysts, membranes, sorbents, etc. These materials can be tested for a large number of applications in different scales (lab-scale to large pilot scale). Characterisation equipment includes microscopy, sorption, mechanical testing, etc

Equipment for material development
- Clean rooms for the manufacture of ceramic membranes
- Equipment for the preparation of heterogeneous catalysts and solid sorbents
- 3-D printing of ceramic materials

Equipment for testing
- Small-scale test units for gas-phase reactions on catalysts and sorbents equipped with inline gas analysis (MS, GC, FTIR, NDIR). Gases available include H2, CO2, CO, H2S, NOx, SOx, CH4.
- Gas separation test equipment for membranes, such as hydrogen-selective membranes.
- Lab scale liquid separation and pervaporation equipment. Liquids: alcohols, organic acids, etc.
- Test equipment for heat pumps, heat transformers and heat storage.
- Pilot-scale equipment: high-temperature pressure-swing adsorption unit for syngas upgrading, hydrogen membrane test unit.

Charactersisation Equipment
- SEM, TEM, visual microscopy
- (In-situ) infrared spectroscopy, Auger spectroscopy
- Gas sorption equipment
- Thermo-gravimetric analysis
- Mechanical testing

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