USFDNA sequencing and analysis

Contact details:

Edwin Cuppen
Heidelberglaan 100, Utrecht
+31 6-50124992

The Utrecht DNA sequencing and analysis infrastructure brings together equipment and expertise to facilitate genetic and molecular analysis of biological systems using next-generation DNA sequencing technology with the goal to understand basic biology and disease mechanisms.

The infrastructure is supporting genetic, epigenetic and gene expression research in the very broad Life Sciences field, including single cell analyses, cohort characterization, microbial characterization, disease gene identification in human and domestic animals, dissection of pathogenic molecular mechanisms, gene expression characterization, etc.
The infrastructure includes a range of equipment for sample preparation (DNA isolation robots, liquid handling robotics, microfluidics), various different technologies for DNA analysis and sequencing (SNP typing using Illumina beadarrays and Life Technologies OpenArray platform, capillary sequencing, next-generation sequencing using Illumina HiSeq, MiSeq and Nextseq setups, Life Technologies SOLiD and IonTorrent PGM setups, and single molecule sequencing using Oxford Nanopore Minion and Promethion setups), supporting Laboratory Information Management Systems (Genologics Clarity) and advanced infrastructure for data analysis (HPC computing) and storage (compute associated and archiving).

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