Core facility Cellular ImagingCore facility Cellular Imaging

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Eric Reits
dep cell Biology & Histology, AMC, Meibergdreef 15, 1105AZ Amsterdam
+31 20-5666259

The core facility Cellular Imaging at the AMC harbors the Electron Microscopy Center Amsterdam (one central EM facility for the users of AMC, VUmc, NIN, ACTA, Sanquin and NKI), de advanced fluorescence microscopy LCAM-AMC and the central flow cytometry unit within one department. With 14 operators and 2 academic scientists involved it offers visualization and quantification of cells and tissues, teaching students and (international) scientists, and providing expertise and equipment to external users (academic and industry

All advanced microscopy and flow cytometry units of the AMC are located within one central core facility Cellular Imaging, centralized within one department. It includes:
- Recently opened EM Center Amsterdam: with 4 transmission and 1 scanning electron microscopes, being used by the operators of AMC, VUmc, NIN/Sanquin, NKI and ACTA. Supervised by an experienced academic and being used by 9 operators from the mentioned institutes as well as guest researchers, the EMCA allows the sharing of expertise and expensive equipment by various institutes and guest researchers from academy and industry.
- The fluorescence microscopy unit includes 4 confocal microscopes (including 2 SP8 Leica confocals with white-light laser and FLIM unit), 2 automated wide field microscopes (for prolonged imaging), various inverted and upright microscopes as well as a GS-DIM super resolution microscope and CLEM microscope. There are three operators that instruct new users and help with setting up protocols for immunolabeling.
- The flow unit includes 5 analysers (including 8-color analysis and spectral analysis) and 4 advanced sorters (eg Influx) and 3 dedicated operators
- A large room with 10 advanced workstations is localized in the center of the facility with all the software required for data anlysis
- The core facility organizes 2-3 PhD/postdoc courses a year on basic and advanced microscopy, and participates in (inter)national courses. It is also involved in teaching master students from biomedical sciences, medicine, Amsterdam University College and various other programs.
- The facility includes 2 academics that discuss with new users the possibilities of the facility and finding the proper equipment, protocol and when needed operator for the project, and give masterclasses for various research groups.
- The equipment is free of use for all users (!) with exception of the EM unit

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