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H.H.J. Wind
Nettelbosje 1, 9747 AJ Groningen
+31 50 3639200

The University of Groningen offers a broad spectrum of advanced ICT systems for its researchers through its Centre for Information Technology (CIT). Besides the facilities being provided by SURF/SARA the CIT infrastructure is the second national academic HPC centre in The Netherlands. CIT and SURF/SARA are increasingly increasing their collaborative efforts in providing support and research facilities to the academic community in The Netherlands and beyond. Large national and international projects such as LOFAR, TARGET and BBMRI-NL host significant parts of their data in one of the data centres of the CIT. The CIT does not only provide the housing facilities, but is also an ICT Expertise Centre for large scale data analysis and provides dedicated support in managing and processing research data. Because the core of the infrastructure is already in place the overall efficiency of the infrastructure will benefit if this infrastructure, as well as the expertise to manage it and support the researchers, is made available to other national and international research groups as well.

The CIT of the University of Groningen offers the full range of ICT services that enable scientists to perform their research. The CIT has a data centric approach to research support: (big/complex) data has become the core of many scientific research programmes. Therefore, besides (secure and stable) storage facilities, additional ICT support facilities are clustered around the data repositories.
The CIT infrastructure consists of:
1. Three fully equipped datacentres (two mirror sites on the Zernike Campus and a satellite datacentre elsewhere in the city of Groningen). The total capacity of these datacentres is 1100 m2 with abundant (partially green) power provisioning. Additionally, it is planning to set up a fourth datacenter.
2. Excellent access (100 Gbps) from the national academic network, with the possibility of using high speed light paths for dedicated services.
3. State of the art, on line and near line, data storage facilities, including protocols for secure Research Data Storage.
4. Several high end, scalable, HPC clusters
5. High end data visualization and analytics facilities
6. A Research Workspace environment enabling scientists access to a tailor made virtual ICT environment to access and analyse their data and communicate with fellow researchers.

These facilities are already available for two domains with an international reputation: Astronomy (Muse, Lofar, Kids, Euclid) and Life Sciences (Lifelines, Glimps). The expertise that has been built up over the last decade can be put to use in other data intensive science projects and therefore the University of Groningen would like to open up these facilities to other researchers in The Netherlands and abroad. The CIT is already the ICT Expertise Centre for ERCET (European Research Centre for Exascale Technology) and is also participating in the Science Data Processing consortium of the Square Kilometer Array project (SKA).

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