CATCAT-AgroFood Shared Research Facilities Wageningen UR

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Petra Caessens
Postbus 17, 6700 AA Wageningen
+31 317 485328

CAT-AgroFood Shared Research Facilities Wageningen UR offers researchers from all organisations to use research equipment and facilities of Wageningen UR. The main focus is on advanced analysis equipment that is relevant in the AgroFood research domain. The facilities and equipment include Microscopy & Imaging, Mass spectrometry, Next Generation Sequencing and many other technologies. CAT-AgroFood offers researchers to use the equipment themselves, via an operator or in collaborative projects. It enables users to get in direct contact with expertise and new technological possibilities. The location of the facilities is Wageningen Campus. The facilities are open for all organizations, also those working in other research areas.

The current infrastructure consists of more than 50 instruments for microscopy & imaging, advanced mass spectrometry, next generation sequencing and a number of other technologies. The infrastructure has a central contact point, CAT-AgroFood, that helps researchers who are interested to use the equipment. For each instrument, an expert is available to give advice and training to users who would like to make use of one or more instruments. An advantage to organize different equipment in such a large shared facility, is that the equipment is used more efficient and that interaction between the experts and users is stimulated. Also, it enables researchers to use state-of-the-art technologies without having to purchase the instrument itself. Because of the accessibility of the facilities, researchers can use equipment that best suit their research needs, even if that equipment is not present in their own laboratories. Facilitating access to advanced equipment in other laboratories prevents unnecessary duplicate investments and assures an up-to-date and advanced research infrastructure. An overview of the technologies with relevant research areas is given below.
Microscopy & Imaging
Relevant for many research areas, such as biology, material science, chemistry, product analysis, consumer sciences
Electron microscopy
- Transmission electron microscopy (TEM): High resolution and Cryo options
- High resolution Scanning electron microscopy (SEM): with cryo and EDX option
- Sample preparation facilities
- High Content Bio-imaging Platform (BD Pathway)
- Confocal laser scanning microscopes (CLSM)
- Spinning disk confocal microscopes
- Leica LMD7000 Laser Microdissection System
Scanning Auger microprobe
- Scanning Probe Microscopy / Auger Electron Spectroscopy
3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging
- 3T-MRI with stimuli (odour, taste, visual, sound) and physiological monitoring accessories
- simulation MRI scanner ‘dummy’
X-ray computed tomography
- X-ray computer Tomography (XRT / μCT)
High speed imaging
- High speed camera’s with option of 3D videography
Advanced Mass Spectometry.
Research possibilities are analysis of samples on molecular level (qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, identification, characterisation, authenticity of samples, mapping of compounds on surfaces) in a broad research domain – fundamental and applied (life sciences, food, materials).
Relevant for research areas such as: chemistry, metabolomics, proteomics, food safety, plant physiology
- Preparative LC-MS
- QTrap (UP)LC–MS/MS systems
- Isotope-ratio MS (IRMS)
- Ambient MS Imaging
- Q ExactivePlus Orbitrap LC- MS/MS
- Head space facility with GCxGC-QTOF-MS
- GC-triple quad MS
- DART-high resolution MS
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
Research possibilities: Next Generation Sequencing facilities and technology can be applied for a wide variety of genomics applications measuring endpoints of key importance in gene regulation and the resulting biological effects.
Relevant for research areas such as genomics, bio-informatics, plant breeding, animal breeding.
- HiSeq2500
- PacBio RS II
- MiSeq
- Irys System – Optical Mapping
Other facilities
Relevant for research areas such as (bio)chemistry, bioinformatics, genomics, animal breeding, plant breeding, toxicology, metabolomics, biology
- Asymmetric Flow Field Flow Fractionation (AF4)
- Flow cytometer / cell sorter
- PamStation®12
- High Performance Computing cluster (HPC)
- Metabolic Health Unit (MHU)

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