Bodem/ Grondwater ClusterBodem/Grondwater Cluster

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Wiel Tilmans
Boussinesqweg 1, 2629HV Delft

Deltares is your best possible partner for water and subsurface research. We can provide tailored research solutions matching your requirements and budget. We have a wide range of facilities: from laboratories and field studies to test arrays and simulators. We study the quality of water and the morphology of rivers, lakes and the coast. We also study the strength of soil and the subsurface, and the effects of waves and currents on physical structures. Various physical processes often meet in a single experiment, for example the size of the wave load on a dike and the strength of that dike in terms of soil mechanics. Our combined facilities allow us to conduct small- and large-scale integrated studies in these fields on your behalf. We cooperate with other research institutes, and that allows us to address an even wider range of questions.We can study your design for innovative solutions in verifiable and extreme conditions, and advise about improvements. Our testing often generates considerable savings and risk reductions. We also engage in long-term research to test numerical models and collect data for use by others. Do you wish to conduct your own study or experiment in our facilities? That is possible, too. We can, subject to various conditions, provide access to our facilities for researchers and users ‘from the outside’.

The experimental facilities range from field experiments to large-scale or small-scale lab experiments in the domains of geotechnical, geophysical and biogeochemical facilities. Among these are:
The GeoCentrifuge applying high gravitational forces, which represents a acceleration in time for the processes involved in geo-engineering
The Geotechnical Laboratory a.o. cyclical triaxial and shear tests
The GeoModel Laboratory (large and small container, cell rings , a large triaxial cell and climate chambers for temperature-controlled experiments).
Facility for Geophysics (such as Seismic, Geo-electrical, Electromagnetic, Sonar and multibeam (high-resolution)

The water-soil flume incl. a motorised carriage, consisting of a multipurpose dredging installation complete with data-acquisition and data-processing systems
The Physical Laboratory to determine the (geo)physical and biological characteristics of waterbed material, soil- water mixtures, industrial slurries and ores

Connection to strategic developments
Veerkrachtig en zinvolle samenlevingen
Tussen conflict en coöperatie
Smart industry
Smart, liveable cities
Circulaire economie en grondstoffenefficiëntie
Duurzame productie van veilig en gezond voedsel
Kwaliteit van de omgeving: de waarden van natuur, landschap, bodem, klimaat, water en milieu