AMIEApplied Molecular Imaging at Erasmus MC

Contact details:

Joost Haeck
Dr. Molewaterplein 50, Rotterdam
+31 10-7044074

The AMIEf provides a platform for scientists who share an interest in state-of-the-art imaging technology and molecular imaging assays for studying biological systems. The equipment is used for a wide range of topics: cancer research, microbiology/immunology, developmental biology and pharmacology. AMIEf's unique strength lies in the fusion of superb expertise in imaging modes, availability of exclusive mouse models, and strong links between basic, translational and patient-bound research. The unique advantage of the AMIE is that all imaging modalities are within a single facility. This gives researchers the opportunity for multimodal imaging experiments, getting maximum information from each experiment.

The AMIE houses the following instruments:
MRI - 7 tesla and 1 tesla system
PET - Inveon and VECTor/CT
microCT - Quantum FX and Skyscan 1076
Optical imaging - IVIS and FMT2500
Ultrasound - Vevo2100
All the equipment is tailored for high resolution imaging of small animals or samples. All major research fields are present in research performed in one or more modality, cardiovascular system, neurology, oncology, musculoskeletal system. Additionally rare diseases also benefit from imaging and therapy monitoring, such as Pompe disease or MNGIE.
Emerging imaging techniques and replacements for old equipment are a continuous cycle in which AMIE is involved to maintain high impact research. This requires new investments and collaborations on many fronts, in which the AMIE steering group plays a leading role.

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